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What is FetchEH

Overview of FetchEH Food Program and Onsite Wastewater System Permitting

Location Based Environmental Health Software (Duration 2:34)

See how FetchEH enables Environmental Health Departments to use location and data to improve access, work smarter and gain useful insights about food inspection programs, onsite wastewater permitting and more.

Introducing FetchEH (Duration 4:14)

In this introduction video, viewers get an overview of FetchEH and learn how location and data can be used to improve environmental health programs. FetchEH is a location based, data driven environmental health software designed to help environmental health professionals work smarter and use data to learn more.

FetchEH Onsite Wastewater Permitting

Videos highlighting workflows related to Onsite Wastewater Permitting in FetchEH

FetchEH Onsite Wastewater - Land Evaluations (Duration 5:31)

This video works through a Land Evaluation, including the Application, Mapping Soil Borings, Entering Soil Boring information, completing a Land Evaluation report and uploading and emailing the report as a PDF.

FetchEH Onsite Wastewater - Permitting (Duration 5:11)

This video works through the Permitting process in FetchEH for an Onsite Wastewater System. The workflow in this video initiates with an Application for an Onsite Wastewater System Permit, then moves onto Permit issuance and Site Plan development.

FetchEH Onsite Wastewater - Preliminary & Final Inspections (Duration 4:05)

In this video preliminary and final construction inspections are completed using FetchEH. The workflow in this video includes capturing inspection information, including automating permit status, approved date and who gave final approval, and creating final output of site plan and inspections as a PDF or print.

FetchEH Food Program

Videos highlighting workflows related to the Food Program in FetchEH

FetchEH Food Program - Conducting Inspections (Duration 7:05)

In this video a Routine and Follow Up Inspection will be conducted using FetchEH. The inspections will include citing violations using compliance questions, citing violations by searching for a key word or violation number, correcting and reciting a violation during a Follow Up Inspection, and uploading the Inspection Report to the restaurant in FetchEH and emailing it to the restaurant contact.

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