Onsite Wastewater Management System

See Your Data

FetchEH helps regulators better understand and manage onsite wastewater systems in their community.

From mapping onsite systems to tracking operations and maintenance and crating powerful map visualizations, FetchEH gives regulators a new perspective, turning onsite system data into useful insights.

Move beyond managing onsite data for a transaction and record keeping.


Valuable Information

Your permits and site plans contain a wealth of information that can be used to visualize onsite systems, gain new insights and understand more about the state of onsite systems in your community.

Better Insights

Turning onsite data into useful insights helps regulators understand and monitor the health of systems more effectively and efficiently.

A Complete Solution


Septic system site plans and information can be accessed on a computer or mobile device using an interactive map, making data discovery easy for anyone.

From home owners and Realtors to contractors and regulators, access to septic system information reduces office traffic, streamlines workflows and increases awareness of what for many home owners is a black box.

Build A Complete Inventory

Our data conversion services turn old paper site plans and permits, and existing permitting databases into location based septic system data that can be used in FetchEH.

With a complete inventory mapped, location and septic system information can be used to assess risk, visualize data and understand more about systems across a community.

Improved Location

We optimize location in all of our conversion services, so whether paper site plans or permit database records, the location of a septic system is represented as accurately as possible in FetchEH.

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Project Focus: Developing Location-Based Onsite Inventory

Amalgam and the Bay County, MI Health Department to develop county-wide location-based septic system inventory. To learn more about the Kawkawlin River Watershed Mapping and Education Outreach Project follow the project updates here: