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Location, data and EH. A better way forward.

EH Bellman - February.18.2021

Location-Based, Data Focused Approach

We are introducing the next version of FetchEH during the summer of 2021, adding support for onsite system and well permitting, food safety, body art, pools, campgrounds, complaints and appeals. Supporting these additional workflows will not only expand the capabilities in FetchEH, it will also usher in new tools for Environmental Health professionals. Tools that leverage location and data for enhancing operations, gaining new insights and improving how information is managed, and how information is made more accessible both internally and to the public.

With a strong location-based, data driven presence already established in FetchEH, our goal over the last two years has shifted to supporting additional EH workflows, like food inspections and permitting for onsite systems. These new workflows were added in a manner that is complimentary to our core mission of using location and data to help EH professionals get more returns from the information they collect and manage. The benefits of a location based, data focused approach to EH range from interacting with your data on a map and improving accessibility, to using your data to discover new insights that help operational processes and make it possible to understand more about he programs you manage.

Adding Value to Your EH Data

The new workflows in FetchEH have all been developed on top of an existing framework of location and tools designed to use data. This means that any of the information collected for food inspections, permitting, body art, pools and more, can be used with powerful data tools like filtering/querying, reporting, scoring analysis and creating dynamic map visualizations.

The combination of supporting additional environmental health workflows with a strong foundation of location and data tools, is the catalyst for extending the value of your EH data beyond transactional needs or records management. It is what unlocks the opportunity to get more from your data, to maximize the investment you make in collecting and managing data by using it to support operations, inform decisions and build better understanding.

Insights Filter for a Report and Resulting Chart

Insights Filter for a Report and Matching Results

As we progress towards the official launch of FetchEH, we welcome you to explore our updated web page and videos. We also know this new location-based, data focused concept to EH software is highly visual, so we invite you to get in touch to schedule a demonstration of our beta version and learn more.

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