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EH Bellman - November.8.2021

Managing Observation & Correction Responses

Entering observations and corrections for a cited violation (Food, Body Art, Pools, etc.) is an important part of any inspection workflow. Often, health departments seek to standardize the text entered for an observation or correction response. This standardization provides consistency for both the food establishments reading inspection reports and the health department. In this post we will explore adding and managing standard observations and corrections in FetchEH for food code violations.

Managing Standard Responses

Many health departments already have an existing set of standard responses used for observations and corrections. Existing responses provide a great foundation and can be migrated into FetchEH. For other health departments that want to move towards standardizing observation and correction responses, or to simply add, remove or modify any existing responses, FetchEH provides a simple way to conduct these tasks.

Managing observation and correction responses is done using the form designer, where a set of tools provide users with the ability to:

  • Search for a Violation
  • Review existing Observation and Correction responses entered under a Violation
  • Remove or Modify any existing Observation and Correction responses under a Violation
  • Add a new Observation or Correction response under a Violation

The tools used to manage responses make it easy to build standard responses from scratch and manage any existing responses. The result is that users have complete control over what responses are added and how or when they are updated.

Adding, Removing or Modifying Observation and Correction Responses

Entering Responses During Inspections

On the front-end, where an observation and correction are entered into a form, the user simply enters some text and the standard observation or correction response(s) will be displayed. The responses are also editable, so that parts of the response can be modified to suit a particular circumstance. The editable text allows for some flexibility in a standard response when needed as shown below:

Employee observed handling [food] with bare hands.

In this example, a client used brackets [food] to indicate that specific types of food can be entered into the response, rather than using the more generic ‘food’ in the response. This is also illustrated in the image series below:

Standard Response for Violation

Modifying Response to Enhance Observation

Adding Standard Correction for Violation

Standardizing responses for observations and corrections is a great way to make inspection reports more consistent for food establishments and health departments. Standard responses also make adding observations and corrections to a violation more efficient because the response does not have to be typed into the form. Our goal with FetchEH is to make managing standard responses easy by giving health departments control over the process.

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