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A Complete Management System

Manage digital permit information and site plans in a system designed specifically for onsite wastewater systems.

FetchEH is a complete management system, where location is a central component, helping regulators use data to gain insights and understand more about onsite system inventories.

Site Plans & Permitting

Step by step mapping tools and data entry make it easy for regulators to capture onsite data that can be used for more than record keeping.


Create and manage permit data, inspections and tie directly to site plan or system location

Permit Location

See your permit data on a map using powerful discovery and visualization tools

Streamlined Site Research

View Federal, State and Local map layers on one map to see what impacts site design

Site Inspections & Reviews

Schedule follow up inspections and reviews, map the status of permits and create location based reports

Mapping Site Plans

Map complete septic system site plans to scale and in a digital format

Operations & Maintenance

Track O&M data, create reports, forecast inspections due and update system information to monitor compliance

Your Data Has Value

Septic system permits and site plans contain valuable information that when used for more than record keeping, make it easier for regulators to protect water quality and public health.


Create dynamic reports, automate quarterly and annual state reporting requirements and integrate interactive maps to visualize results

Risk Analysis

Use septic system information and location with other map layers to assess, rank and monitor at-risk systems

Better Insights

Turning data into insights helps regulators better manage septic systems and reduce risks

Location Matters

Septic system data in FetchEH is managed with location front and center, giving regulators new tools that help identify, monitor and reduce risk.

Integrated GIS Framework

Developed using industry standard web/mobile GIS and designed specifically for onsite wastewater workflows

Comprehensive Map Data

Site plan features are managed on more than 20 unique map layers

Your Data

Easily access your septic system site plans and data and manage users from the Fetch Portal

Improved Accessibility

Make it easy for home owners, realtors, contractors and other regulators to access site plans and system information

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